Career Opportunities

About eeBoo

eeBoo is a boutique toy manufacturer and design studio that specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. Our products are sold in Specialty Toy stores and beautifully curated Gift Shops as well as Museum stores, Bookstores, Art Supply stores and other non-big box venues. We create fresh toys and gifts that are 100% original (no licenses) and we commission our artwork from well-known and well-loved children’s book illustrators. Everything we make is meant for wholesome individual or family play and our products are 90% recycled and made with sustainable practices and vegetable-based inks.

Apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and any other requested information to

Please review our website and learn about the eeBoo brand before you apply. In your cover letter tell us why you would be a great addition to the eeBoo team and your favorite eeBoo product. Applications without this will not be considered. 

Senior Designer Role

eeBoo is looking for freelancers, and possibly full-time graphic designers, to create outstanding, fanciful, distinctly eeBoo-like, beautiful packaging for our games, art supplies and gift products.

We are seeking applicants that have an immersive interest and love for the art of typography, illustration, color and a cross-cultural/historical appreciation for patterns and printed matter. Applicants must be experienced in book or magazine design, decorative packaging, brand building and imaginative and elegant solutions.  We are not looking for designers with an interest in conventional children’s game design, game designers, mass market package design or conventional creative outcomes.

Please send a resume and link to your portfolio if you are absolutely competent in all Adobe programs, are careful, steady, able to hold multiple ideas in your head at the same time, reliable, flexible, highly imaginative, and are able to work well with others, including: other designers, sales people, marketing departments and illustrators.  Applicants must be open to research and to design influences of all kinds, attentive to and knowledgeable of the gift and specialty  marketplaces, sensitive to trends but not owned by them, be willing to share new ideas while remaining good-spirited about constructive feedback, understanding that eeBoo is a 30 year old brand with a pre-existing aesthetic. This is not a good position for anyone who is very sensitive to constructive criticism or pre-existing brand wisdom. 

Please attach a cover letter to your resume and portfolio and mention an eeBoo design that speaks to you.  Our website is  Portfolios without cover letters can not be reviewed.

  • 5+ years graphic design/package design/branding/ book design with management experience.
  • Degree in related field; graphic art or product branding/packaging
  • Expert at Adobe Programs/Creative Suite
  • Well organized with excellent communication skills both written and spoken
  • Minute attention to detail but also caring about details.
  • Masterful typography skills and able to produce exquisite layouts
  • Experience in producing delightfully creative packaging
  • Comprehensive knowledge and love for typography both old and brand new
  • Ability to work cheerfully within reasonable deadlines