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I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards

I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards

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Each Conversation Card features a common scenario, such as being picked for a team, or accidentally breaking a vase. Questions on the back of each card invite parents and children to discuss what is happening and how the characters are feeling in each scene. By looking at the characters’ faces and postures and reflecting on a child's own experiences, these cards help children to recognize emotional dynamics in a variety of situations, while sparking important conversations about feelings and socialization.

Product Benefits: Helps develop empathy and observational skills while examining friendly illustrations depicting emotional dynamics in a variety of situations. Conversation Cards cultivate valuable communication and analytical skills while building an essential foundation for social and emotional learning.

Age: 3+
Card Size: 48 durable flash cards, 2 parent cards, 4.5" x 6"
Box Dimensions: 6.5" x 5" x 1.25" 
Illustrator: Saxton Freymann 
Winner of the Oppenheim SNAP Award & Oppenheim Gold Award


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    Saxton Freymann

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love these cards!

    My child and I have almost worked through the entire deck as part of our homeschool. They have been such a great way to introduce social interactions and how to look for how individuals might be feeling. We’ve had great conversations about facial expressions, body language and eye contact. It’s been interesting to hear my child’s thoughts on the cards before sharing my own. I will be trying a new deck soon and suggesting this one to everyone with a tiny human.

    Janet B
    Among My Favorite SEL Resources

    These cards have sparked some wonderful conversations about emotion recognition, social inference, and perspective taking. I bought these for my 4 year old as a socio-emotional learning component in a homeschool curriculum. My 7 year old started joining in on our discussions and even began asking when we were going to "do a card", because he didn't want to miss it. I love that there is no right answer listed on the card. It is very interesting to discuss differences in our perceptions of what is going on. I highly recommend for neuroatypical as well as neurotypical children.

    Great Game

    My 5 year old daughter loves the game. I wanted to get the cards because with the virus there is only so many social things she can do. I wanted to see if she could read social situations and feelings. Its her favorite game. I am back to get the 2 other card games. We have the tea party game and math bingo. Everything this company makes is beautiful and is of high quality. Very happy mom here.


    About the artist

    Saxton Freymann

    About the artist

    Saxton Freymann is the author and illustrator of many books featuring photographs of characters conjured from fruits and vegetables. He has also been associated with eeBoo corporation since it was founded by his wife, Mia Galison, over 25 years ago.  Thanks to Mia, Freymann is the adoring father of three wonderful children.
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