• Sustainability •

A healthy planet is our priority. We use minimal packaging and plastic components, recycled materials, and vegetable-based inks. We can also now proudly say that we are expanding our commitment to sustainability by using FSC®-certified paper. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you are supporting responsible management of the world's forests to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of workers and local communities while sustaining economic viability. eeBoo's FSC License code is FSC-N003607.

We also believe in reducing waste, which is why quality is so important to us. Our products are designed with such care that they can be handed down and used again and again.

eeBoo products are safety tested to exceed the most stringent safety standards.

• our initiatives •

Good Green Bag

Compostable and Biodegradable

FSC®-certified paper

This certification confirms
that the paper we use comes from forests being responsibly managed to preserve
biological diversity and benefit the lives of workers and local communities
while sustaining their economic viability. eeBoo's FSC License code is FSC-N003607.

Carbon Neutral

As a company,
eeboo is now certified carbon neutral through ClimatePartner, a business that
helps companies calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, provide support on
how to continuously reduce them and offset unavoidable emissions through carbon
offset projects. ClimatePartner ID: 17443-2201-1001

Recycled Paper Products

For our packaging and game components we use a
thick grayboard made from 90% recycled
post-consumer paper materials.  

Vegetable Based Inks

For printing we use non-toxic, vegetable-based inks that
are made from easy to grow resources and are safer and more sustainable than
conventional petroleum-based inks.

Products Focused on Environmental Education

eeBoo makes fresh and challenging natural history products to help children better understand the natural world and inspire them to protect the planet.


US invades Iraq and Afghanistan. eeBoo creates what becomes its signature product, I Never Forget a Face, to remind people that beautiful children live everywhere in the world, including those places where we are at war.

Reducing Waste

To reduce waste, we
avoid unnecessary packaging and we design products of high quality that can be
handed down and used again and again.

Working from Home

An upside down year! eeBoo goes remote; Mia and Sax work from the Barn in Massachusetts and start robust Direct-to-Consumer business as sales and staff double. Lockdown with family (three grown children, ninety year old grandparents and Bingo) puts intergenerational play and communication skills to the test.

• eeBoo's Sustainability Initiatives •