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  • Great for groups
  • Full color insert
  • Puzzle: 23" x 23"
  • Box: 11" x 11"
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award

Puzzle your way through the Tree of Life. 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. The Tree of Life is inspired by a medieval tapestry. Illustrated by Jennifer Orkin Lewis (@augustwren).

Life's many branches often connect
in ways that we do not expect.
It's boughs are bent with leaves and fruits,
and beasts and bugs down to its roots,
A whole made up of many parts:
claws and petals, brains and hearts.
Celebrate this teeming tree,
and do this puzzle, lovingly.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Helen S
    First of Many Delightful eeBoo Puzzles

    I bought this puzzle last year at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. Since then I've purchased many more puzzles from various makers but eeBoo is by far my favorite. The colors are happy and vibrant, the pieces are glossy, sturdy, and feels wonderful to touch. This design was was so much fun due to all the details. Even the most similar-looking items have different brush strokes and colors. I have fond memories of getting lost in this beautiful, magical world. I now own at least ten eeBoo puzzles and none of them had missing pieces. Their puzzles are worth every penny!

    nora pearl
    First 1,000 piecer

    I adore the feel and look of each eeboo puzzle piece, glossy and sturdy. It took one month to the day, 30 days, to complete this one...all my myself.
    Even tho it was the first 1,000 piecer, I relaxed in letting it flow until complete. OR almost complete, because I am missing one piece. I have searched and had
    my cleaning person help search under rugs, in couches etc. but no luck. Can I send a photo to you and replace this one piece that I can show you? I can hardly lend this
    to a friend with a missing piece. I am not taking it apart yet, til I can figure out what to do. I love all the many animals, birds and flowers and Tree of Life holding it all
    from its roots to the sky.

    Hi Nora, Thank you for your purchase, we are so sorry to hear your Tree of Life puzzle is missing a piece! We take manufacturing quality extremely seriously and would love to fix this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot replace individual pieces because we cannot guarantee a replacement piece will fit snuggly. However, we are happy to send you a whole new puzzle of your choice free of charge.

    Please go to to submit your request for a replacement. We do ask a couple of questions so we can track all concerns and prevent any quality issues in the future. We truly appreciate your feedback!

    Our customer service team will reach out to you as soon as possible to help. Please note that we are experiencing delays due to COVID-19. International puzzlers should return the puzzle to the place of purchase.

    We are so happy you loved finding all the animals and flowers throughout the image! It's such a detailed image, making it one of our all-time favorites for puzzling. If you liked the design, you will love some of the illustrator's other puzzles in our line! Jennifer Orkin Lewis illustrates Paris in a Day, Amazon Rainforest, Copenhagen, and more!

    Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy! If you have any further questions or issues with the form please let us know.

    Katie at eeBoo

    Joan Wortman
    Beautiful Puzzle, Fun and Challenging

    I really enjoyed this puzzle. The image is absolutely gorgeous. The painting style was just different enough to distinguish one part of the puzzle from the other making it just challenging enough, but oh so much much fun. Like all of the puzzles I do, I passed this one on to several people in my puzzle group who have enjoyed it too.

    Sandra Lee
    VERY difficult puzzle, fun, and good customer service

    Not for beginners! This is one of the most challenging puzzles I've ever done (I like to do them without looking at the picture because it's really delightful to see the images when it finally comes together, but it does make it more difficult -- which for me means more fun). I was disappointed at the end to find that my puzzle was missing a piece, but great customer service, when I messaged them, they responded promptly and kindly and are sending me a new one! It's a beautiful, lively, glossy puzzle. I find that the pieces are cut a little more unconventionally which adds to the fun. This will be really fun to redo after I've forgotten it a bit. I highly recommend this company for their personalized service and attention to quality. I'll definitely be looking at future puzzles.

    Hi Sandra, Thank you so much for your kind review! We are so glad that out customer service team was able to help out! :) Best, Katie at eeBoo

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