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  • Box size: 12" x 12" x 2"
  • Puzzle size: 23" Diameter
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award- Platinum

On January 21, 2017, the day after Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, over 4 million people in the United States marched in what became likely the largest single-day protest in American history. At the 2017 Women's March, a diverse group of individuals gathered to stand for equality, justice, and tolerance.

To celebrate the Women's March on Washington, eeBoo has collaborated with illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis (@AugustWren) on a commemorative 500 Piece Round Puzzle.

Featuring a quote by Gloria Steinem from the march: "We are linked, we are not ranked, and this is a day that will change us forever because we are together, each of us individually and collectively will never be the same again."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
So uplifting!

Tougher than other 500 piece puzzles yet so fulfilling.

Wonderful challenging puzzle!

I did this puzzle with my friend about two years ago and absolutely loved it! It was one of the most challenging puzzles we had ever done. You would think that only 500 pieces it would be easy. You would think that the round border would be easy because it has words. But was all very a good way! All those faces! We always had two, sometimes three, of us working on it and it still took a while. One of the most enjoyable puzzles I have ever done. And also a great memorial to a wonderful spontaneous movement that brought like minded women...and men...together all over the country. I am going to buy this one for myself! I love your company. Thank you!

Political Puzzle

I was filling my cart for my grandchildren until I saw your woman’s march puzzle. When businesses step into politics they risk offending a lot of people who may then decide not to make a purchase. Such is the case for me.


At first I thought this would be so difficult but soon after I started it it became fascinating looking for different faces, hair and what they were wearing. There are some famous faces, some very expressive faces, some simply interesting faces, and finding them is an adventure. It takes some different skills than I have used in "normal" jig saw puzzles. I highly recommend this puzzle!!

The one thing we don’t tolerate is intolerance

GTFO Maria Flores.
This puzzle is awesome.

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