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Do you have any lobsters? Or angelfish? This variation of a child's first card game uses underwater creatures to keep the game going swimmingly.

    Dan Yaccarino (@danyaccarino) is the illustrator of the Go Fish! Playing Cards.  He is continually inspired by his current projects: “my favorite project is whatever project I’m working on at the moment. They’re all my favorite.” Dan also loves vintage toys, especially vintage robots, which is a passion he shares with our founder, Mia.

    Customer Reviews

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    Joan Howe
    No names of fish

    Would be a great game if it gave the name of the fish. Some were obvious but some we have no idea. Each card should have the name of the fish printed at the bottom of the card.

    Hi Joan, Thank you so much for your feedback. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and will pass this suggestion along to our product design team to consider in future editions of the Go Fish Playing Cards. In the meantime, please reach out to us at and we would love to send you a new product to try! You may be interested in our Color Go Fish, which teaches color vocabulary. Hope you are having a lovely summer. Best, Katie at eeBoo

    Lisa Bruce

    Why is there no description of the different types of fish? I looked all through the deck expecting to find one. In addition, other reviews mention the cards being different colors for the different types of fish, but the set I bought contains only blue cards. Not really suitable for 3-4 year olds.

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for reaching out. We are so sorry to hear you are disappointed with the Go Fish Playing Cards. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and would love to help resolve this issue. This deck contains only blue cards, but we also have Color Go Fish where the cards are different colors and you match the colors rather than the fish.

    We will pass along your feedback to our product design team. In the meantime, please reach out to us at and we would love to send you a new card game.

    Best, Katie at eeBoo

    leah iris
    lost instructions!

    we can’t figure out how to play because we lost the instruction card and the instructions aren’t published on your site. please send them to me! thanks!

    Hi Leah, Thank you for letting us know! We have added the instructions to this product page and will also email you the instruction file directly. Best, Katie at eeBoo

    Great game!

    Fantastic game to play with the kids! Ours did have instructions, not that you should need them for a game of go fish. I do wish there was a description of the animals, my daughter and i disagree over if one is a snail or a hermit crab. But this is no way meant as a disparaging critique of the artwork, which is very well done.

    Molly Ryan
    No instructions, can’t play

    The deck looks really nice, but we lost the first instruction card and can’t find instructions online.

    Hi Molly! We are more than happy to send instructions to you. Having them up on our site is something we will definitely look into adding. If you email us at, we can send any pdf versions of our instructions to you.

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