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eeBoo's award-winning Fairytale Spin-to-Play Game will take you to a faraway land!  Players spin to select the elements for their fairy tale. When they have collected a scene, a hero, a magical helper, a rival, a magical object, transportation, and a treasure, they tell the tale that these elements evoke. Game extensions encourage compassion by suggesting using a misunderstood rival as a hero on occasion, and longer tales for two players. Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell.  Winner of Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award.

Skills: Develops patience, social, and simple skills
Age: 3+
Players: 2 to 4 players
Includes: 4 Heroes, 4 Rivals, 4 Helpers, 4 Magical Objects, 4 Means of Transport, 4 Treasures, 4 Fairytale Places, 4 10" x 10" Boards
Box Dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 1.5"

Illustrator: Lizzy Rockwell
Awards: Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award


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Customer Reviews

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Eileen Gilbert
Unleashes Creativity and Imagination

My six year old son and almost eight year old daughter really enjoy this game. So much so they have taken to creating stories beyond playing by the instructions. They use the boards and pieces to make shows. The game is simple to play and doesn't monopolize time. We actually play until each player gets their turn to tell a story.

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