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Gathering a Garden Board Game

Gathering a Garden is a simple game that develops basic skills like patience, counting, and an understanding of different categories of plants and gardening-related elements. This is a perfect game for kids five years old and up. Bring this board game to family game night! Be the first to fill your garden! Move around the board collecting garden items from each shopkeeper and be the first to return to plant a garden.  

Skills: Develops counting and patience skills. 
Age: 5+ 
Players: 2-4 Players

Box Dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 1.5"
Includes: 18" x 18" Game Board, Game Pieces, Spinner, and Plant Tiles
Illustrator: Melissa Sweet
Awards: Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award

Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Espinoza
It’s a game of gardening and panic!

This is such a fun and cute game. My 9 year old son loves playing this game and says “It’s a game of gardening and panic!” You go around to little shops and collect items for your garden (herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and birds), then you go home and plant your garden. You try to avoid spaces where you might need to return items to the shops. The pieces and the board are nice and thick, the spinner spins well, although sometimes it’s hard to tell which number you landed on. The art is very cute. The directions are printed on the inside of the lid so you can’t lose them (I love that). It says something on the box about learning counting, however this is applicable to any board game with a numbered spinner and spaces. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes cute kids games that are mildly competitive.

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