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Customer Testimonials

Patty E.

I own six of these beautiful puzzles, including two round ones. They are truly of the highest quality and the designs are stunning. Just pick up a puzzle piece and you’ll immediately know these puzzles are at a whole new level. Seriously, they are the best! Perhaps someday I’ll own one of each!


eeBoo really speaks to my soul. Their art features women, diversity, and nature, while tackling women empowerment and environmental issues. They are woman-owned and mother-run. Their puzzles are made from recycled cardboard, plant-based inks, and the bag containing the pieces is now compostable, which makes me so happy. There is just so much to love about eeBoo. 💕

Nancy B.

I love your puzzles. I have 10 of them and they’re the only brand that I don’t regift. I even convinced my local gift shop (The Portsmouth Shop) to carry them and they said they sell really well 💗

Krystal C.

eeBoo puzzles are always so fantastic—the bright and colorful illustrations are some of my favorites. I look forward to their new puzzles every year!