How We Make Eco Friendly, Sustainable Jigsaw Puzzles & Games

How We Make Eco Friendly, Sustainable Jigsaw Puzzles & Games

eeBoo has been committed to sustainable practices for over three decades. 

Sustainably Sourced

We start by using 90% recycled post-consumer grayboard and FSC®-certified paper for our puzzle pieces as well as for our packaging. 
For printing, we use non-toxic, vegetable-based inks made from easy-to-grow resources. These inks are safer and more sustainable than conventional petroleum-based inks.
FSC License: FSC-N003607


Starting in 2022, we swapped the bags that hold our puzzle pieces and play components for an eco-friendly option that's made with plant-based, biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic materials.
In 2023 we reduced our puzzle box size yet again, to reduce packaging needs and waste. 

Durability and Longevity

To reduce waste, we avoid unnecessary packaging and design products of high quality that can be handed down and used again and again.

We carefully design our products with artists around the world to create beautiful, timeless designs that are enjoyable time and time again. 

End-of-Life Considerations

 Our high-quality puzzles and timeless images can be used repeatably. But when it's time to retire one of our puzzles from your collection you have several options.
Donate your puzzle to a nursing home, hospital, charity, or thrift store. 
Recycle your puzzle and packaging. All of our pieces and packaging are 100% recyclable. 

Carbon Neutral

eeBoo is certified carbon neutral through ClimatePartner, an organization that helps companies calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, provides support on how to continuously reduce them, and offsets unavoidable emissions through carbon offset projects. We're currently offsetting emissions by supporting an afforestation project in Rio Kama, Nicaragua. See our impact here or search our ClimatePartner ID: 17443-2201-1001 

Not only are our puzzles enjoyable and challenging, they are also aligned with your sustainable and ethical practices.

We are always looking to improve our sustainability practices. Last updated June 2024. 

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