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Vintage Butterflies 500 Piece Round Puzzle

  • Great for groups and families
  • Full color insert
  • Box: 11“ x 11” x 2”
  • Puzzle: 23 inch diameter, 58.5 cm diameter

Take on the extra challenge of a round jigsaw puzzle with eeBoo’s Vintage Butterflies 500 Piece Round Puzzle. This collage of colorful Lepidoptera will enchant any puzzler. Featuring art by Fumiha Tanaka.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
beautiful butterflies

This is a really beautiful puzzle. It was my first time doing a round puzzle, and it was a lot of fun. Keep making 500 piece puzzles, they are my favorite. We were at the Baltimore Museum of Art today and they carry your children's games and some puzzles, I bought 2 more beautiful puzzles there. Love the beauty of the artwork and the positive spirit your puzzles convey, good job!

Vicki H.
Beautifully made

LIke all the eeboo puzzles this Vintage Butterflies puzzle is so beautiful & well made. Our first was the Two Birds 500 piece puzzle--same number of pieces but more challenging to put together. The color blocks of Butterflies make this a bit easier. Depends upon what you're looking for. Enjoyed the time with it.

One of my favorites

I suspected that I'd like this puzzle because I already loved "100 Great Words", which is another round one by Eeboo. Now "Vintage Butterflies" is another of my favorites. The pieces are sturdily made, fit together well, and the colors are magnificent. We like to do puzzles without looking at the picture, so this one was challenging. But extremely satisfying to finish and marvel at all the beautiful butterflies.

Puzzling to Pass Pandemic Time

Over the holidays, my husband, daughter, and I spent 3 hours putting this puzzle together. None of us had puzzled in YEARS, but we all got into it. We even rang a little bell every time we put 2 pieces together. Great fun, beautiful puzzle, lots of patterns that promoted teamwork, perfect for pandemic times.

The Best!

We love your puzzles. The design, the way they fit together, the size (500). They're the best. Thank you.

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