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  • Great for groups
  • Full color insert
  • Puzzle: 23” x 23”
  • Box: 11“ x 2" x 11”

Puzzle your way through eeBoo’s Otters 1000 Piece Puzzle. Did you know a group of otters is called a raft, a bevy, a family, and when their playful, a romp? Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. Featuring art by Uta Krogmann (@miraparadies).

No one seems to have more fun when playing in the water
Than that whiskered frolicker- the mammal called an otter.
The otter joy depicted here (broad smiles and deepest dives)
Offers an example of a way to live our lives.
We hope that you have that much fun
While you get this puzzle done!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A good gift

I bought this puzzle for a colleague who just lost his young wife. I heard puzzles were good for grief, and she had a fondness for otters. He said it was “perfect."

Too Much Fun to Pass Up

I fell in love with the whimsy of this puzzle. Plus I love otters. The colors are vibrant. Can’t wait to get started. Delivery was quick and packaging arrived in perfect condition.

Karen S
Cutest puzzle I've ever done!

Otters is such a delightful puzzle! eeBoo puzzles are high quality. I have three more that I am waiting to complete.

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