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  • Fits 4” X 4” photo, perfect for Instagram photos! 
  • Frame size: 6¼”x 6¼” 
  • Easel back for standing and option for wall-mount hanging 
  • Multi-layer embossed and foil finished 
  • Shatterproof protective film for photo display 
  • Made with 90% recycled board 

At each glance, the photos we keep remind us of the wonderful experiences in our lives and the love we felt in those special moments. Cell phones are great for storing photos, but not always great for appreciating them. Printing and framing precious photos allows us the opportunity to form a special meditation around a single moment. Our colorful frame designs are based on folk art frames from all over the world. With foil stamping instead of ink printing, they are completely unique. Included with the frame is a mailing envelope for sharing special pictures as a gift—to your mother a photo of her grandchild, to a friend to remind them of a time spent together, or a gift from your child to a friend.

These days we snap more pictures but appreciate them less. 
Too many friends, too little time; that's life today, I guess. 
We keep pictures in our pocket, instead of on our wall. 
So many there to look at, we don't look at them at all! 
Framing special pictures of the people we adore, 
Is a way to keep us mindful of what our lives are for.

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