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Simple Math Bingo

Simple Math Bingo

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Build on early math skills with this fun-to-play Math Bingo game. Simple Math Bingo is cleverly designed with double sided boards; children can choose to solve addition or subtraction math problems, even in the same game! Draw a tile and reveal a number. Does it answer a problem on your board? A little mental math will make it clear! Be the first player to fill their lotto board to win! Printed in vibrant colors and illustrated with animal friends for easy counting. Illustrated by Monika Forsberg.

Sharpens recognition, math, and concentration skills. Great for playing with children at different math levels.
Age: 5+
Players: 2-6
Includes6 Double Sided Boards, 54 tiles, and a cotton bag for storage
Box Dimensions: 8.75" x 8.75" x 1.5"
Illustrator: Monika Forsberg
Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award


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    Monika Forsberg

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    Customer Reviews

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    melissa barnes
    Family and individual fun

    This bingo meets the needs of the whole family!!
    When we play as a family my 2year old just plays by matching numbers while 4 year old started with just addition but quickly wanted to try “other side” so now has mastered subtraction! They love to play it together or solo at kitchen table while I prepare meals. Visuals are great!! Nice colors. Helpful that the count is on the card with numeral. This game should be in every pre-k through first grade classroom

    Anne Dodgen-Averitt

    This game is great! My four-year-old LOVES Bingo, but she is not a fan of practicing math skills. I was hoping this game, with its bright colors and cute animals, would up the interest for her. It did just that! We have played dozens of rounds over the last two days, and her addition skills have already noticeably improved. An awesome tool.

    My only complaint is that there probably doesn't need to be so much "+ 0" representation, as those equations don't require much practice.. Some cards have three "+ 0" squares (out of nine) on them, and they feel like a wasted opportunity to me.

    Smart and fun

    My almost 5 year old grandson loves this game! It's very colorful, has easy to follow rules and is very well made! I highly recommend it!


    About the artist

    Monika Forsberg

    About the artist

    Monika Forsberg  loves drawing almost everything, but her favorite things to draw are ducks. She lives in London, and finds inspiration for her flower drawings by walking down the road and looking at everyone’s gardens. Monika’s favorite colors are green, brown, and pink; but she equally loves beige, yellow, and blue (and so on).


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