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A vibrant celebration of our planet’s endangered wildlife. Identify the forty different creatures using the key on the back of the box! Artwork by Cynthia Cliff presents a variety of colors and textures, making this a great puzzling image. Our 100-piece jigsaw puzzles are thoughtfully commissioned and beautifully designed in an ideal format for transitioning from simple children’s puzzles to more challenging adult jigsaw puzzles. They offer a screen-free, relaxing way to practice patience and concentration while sharing a gentle cooperative activity with friends and family.

Age: 5+
Includes: Fact poster 25.75" x 17.75"
Puzzle Size:18" x 27"
Box Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 2"

Illustrator: Cynthia Cliff

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fantastic Puzzle

Was so much fun watching my niece and nephew work on this over a couple of days. They are 4 and 6 years old, and I thought this would be a stretch for their capacities... but they did it!

We left it on a table, and they would hover over it every once in a while, find pieces that connect, and then go off and play. I think they liked that this was a mess they didn't have to clean up, but also I was surprised how intriguing it was for them- and also how proud they were when finished. It was truly their work with only minimal help from me (guiding them to look at the picture for clues on organizing the animals they had already connected). So much fun and we all loved the brightly colored animals!!

Great gift!!!

We bought this puzzle for our grandson for Christmas. We will enjoy helping him work this puzzle and talk about the different animals!!!

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