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Amazon Rainforest 1000 Piece Puzzle

  • Piece count: 1,000
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 inches
  • Box size: 11 x 11 x 2 inches
  • High-quality adult jigsaw puzzle, with glossy, sturdy pieces (and minimal puzzle dust!)
  • Full-color image reference print included inside
  • Animal identification key included
  • Beautiful artwork by Jennifer Orkin Lewis
  • Jigsaw Puzzles Made Fresh!

Amazon Rainforest features the plants and animals of a critically fragile habitat. Exquisitely painted by artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis, this animal puzzle rewards careful looking and, we hope, will inspire deep respect for this essential and endangered part of our planet.

A key is included to help identify the animals. Our 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles are thoughtfully commissioned and beautifully designed to offer a screen-free, relaxing way to practice contemplative mindfulness or share a gentle cooperative activity with friends and family. 

About the Illustrator

Jennifer Orkin Lewis is inspired by small, everyday things. She keeps a daily sketchbook, which she often shares on Instagram, allowing her to stay fresh and experiment.  Jennifer says it takes years to develop your style, so practice as much as you can!

Oxygen! Diversity! The forest is a sacred place:
Our garden lungs, our saving grace.
Celebrate its majesty! It’s a gift we must embrace. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great puzzle but missing 2 pieces

Such a beautiful puzzle! The colors are vibrant and the texture of the pieces are high quality! However, I was so sad to see that the puzzle was missing 2 pieces when I finished it! I know it couldn’t have gone missing because I opened it in one place and completed it alone! :(

Hi Claire, We are so sorry to hear your puzzle was missing pieces. We take our quality extremely seriously and would love to help fix this issue. Please go to and submit the request. Our customer service team will be in touch soon to help!

Wonderful Puzzle

I have now completed at least six eeboo puzzles and have been quite pleased with the quality of the puzzle pieces- both cut and color- and the tight fit. Definitely one of the top puzzle manufacturers I have experienced. I also deeply appreciate the insert which is much easier to refer to than just the box, although as one reviewer said, the colors are not as true as using the box.. That is a minor quibble on my part. Just wish eeboo had a larger repertoire to offer!

This puzzle was extra challenging, especially, due to the percentage of peices that were in the yellow-green to the gray-green color spectrum. Definitely worked my eyes extra hard on this one. However, the puzzle was so beautiful and the background patterns so complex that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of putting it together.


I bought 4 different puzzles. We can’t wait to put them together! They all have such vibrant colors!

Dommage !

L'image en couleurs incluse représente le puzzle en beaucoup plus petit et les couleurs sont de mauvaise qualité, ce qui rend la réalisation de ce puzzle très difficile voire impossible. Dommage car l'image est belle. Produit de très piètre qualité donc. A éviter.

Hi there, We are so sorry to hear you were disappointed with the insert. We take quality extremely seriously and really appreciate your feedback. We will pass this along to our team. The color images included on the box front and back are crisp and clear which can also serve as a good image reference while puzzling. Best, Katie at eeBoo

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